Regd. No. SR/ITA/973/2001

Objective of Indigenous Mission


1. The objective of the indigenous mission would have:-


The IM is purely non-profit Organization, an organization of its own denominational mission & vision. Thereby the members of this organization would do welfare of societies and work hand in hand with Government, NGOs/NGDOs, Vos, VAs and any Faith or Religious group to achieve the target of the organization for advancement of masses for better tomorrow and to promote globally role on social pattern of living and basic needs of societies;

  1. To establish Educational Institutions and Community Transformation, Health, Vocational & Refresher Training Centers/Institutes to maintain the highest possible standard of Human Resource Development, and Social, Community, Cultural, Women & Child, Economic Developments as yeomen & social services towards society renovation.


  1. To act as facilitator to ensure developments, consolidation and up-lift of traditional indigenous life, aesthetic moral values and faith or belief and culture prevailing and thereby promoting the traditional, advancement, integrate brethren and solidarity of the people.
  1. To serve the weaker section of the people in the society, destitute widows, Women & Child developments and other backward people by organize income generations.


  1. To develop Horticulture, Agro, Forestry/plantations, Fishery, Livestock, Poultry and auxiliary & small scale Industries for economic uplift of the society to maintain or safeguard environment & ecological system.           



NAME                                                                                                      SIGNATURE

Sri Mede Hai                                                                                                          Sd/-                                                                                                        
Sri Margo Hai                                                                                                                 Sd/- 


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Impart Knowledge & Wisdom to Renovate and Transform Societies